Potted flowers, home life is essential, in addition to being able to make the home more beautiful, there is also the ability to purify indoor air. Each kind of plant and flower has a suitable position. It can be said that depending on the characteristics and functions of each potted plant, which potted flowers are placed in the courtyard, balcony, bedroom and living room are different.

Where the light is sufficient, it should be the most suitable place for potting, but it should be placed according to the characteristics of different plants. Some plants that love light and warmth can be placed in a place with strong sunlight, so that it grows vigorously. The leafy plants can also bring life to the home and make people feel relaxed.

The living room is the place where the guests first see and the concentrated expression of the whole family atmosphere. Therefore, many of my friends like to put some plants in the living room to make the guests more comfortable. The vine leaves are easy to extend along the wall. In fact, these plants are meaningless. However, if they are kept in the living room, the living space is relatively small, so it will affect the life. It is best to raise them in the balcony.

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